Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Things Harley Quinn's Taught Me

Hey guys!

In my post, Fictional Character I Want to Have Dinner With, I mentioned how Harley Quinn has taught me plenty of things. Sooo I thought I'd write up a little post about exactly what those things are.

For those of you who are oblivious enough to not know Harley, she's the Joker (from Batman)'s girlfriend. She has her own comic books - Harley Quinn (The New 52) - and plays a major role in The Suicide Squad - another comic book series. The Suicide Squad is being turned into a movie fyi. She's really quite something.

She's also kinda my role model. Is that a bad thing since she's a sociopath? xD Whatevs. She's fab.

Smash anyone who upsets you

Okay, maybe you shouldn't physically do it like she does, but don't just sit idle by while they push you around! Destroy them! Prove to them that you're queen.

Live life like you want to

She storms through life doing whatever she wants and not caring for what others think. She doesn't play by the rules. Playing by the rules, won't get you as far!

High Pig Tails!

That's her signature hairdo and I love it. Don't go for low pig tails. Seriously, it generally doesn't look good. xD Stick with high pig tails. Low pig tails look good on little girls and that's pretty much it.

Go all out there with your make up!

Don't be a bore and stay simple, go all out there! Have fun! Steal the show! Catch people's eyes!

Smile and laugh

Even if it means society thinks your insane. What matters is your happiness. Screw them. Have fun and do what makes you happy. I mean just look at her smile! 

Keep faith in your love

She never gave up on the Joker. She always believed in how amazing he is. She always loved him for him. If he makes you happy, keep him! Fight for him! Love him! 

So be you, have fun with your make up, hair, and do what makes you happy. Don't forget to love endlessly.

See you around puddin'!

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